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            江陰 藥化機械的研發生産,行業知名品牌。

            Jiangyin medicine machinery equipment co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful scenery of the jiangnan town, jiangyin city zhutang town, east near Shanghai, south suzhou, wuxi, jiangyin Yangtze river bridge in the north, is located in one gold channel, shanghai-nanjing and system of highway interchange, land and sea port, traffic is very convenient, has a unique geographical advantage, is a good place for guests to visit. The company has strong scientific and technological force, sophisticated manufacturing and processing equipment and perfect testing equipment. The main products are pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery, chemical machinery, etc., including grinder, universal grinder, ultra-micro grinder, mixer, screw belt mixer, plow blade mixer, granulator, packaging machine, conveyor, oven, drying and other more than ten series of products. Our manufacturing process is meticulous and exquisite, and the quality can be...


            • 地址:江陰市祝塘鎮文林石堰村劉市上186号
            • 聯系電話 :135-0616-0381
            • 郵箱:122054754@qq.com